Leak Detection and Repairs

  • When your pool is leaking we know it can be daunting as to where the problem may be. Thats why we offer a complete leak detection and repair service. Locating the leak and carrying out the repairs can be done out of hours to keep your pool operational. 

We use the following methods to locate the leak:

  • Pressure testing of all pipework
  • Inspection and testing of valves and fittings that can be leaking to waste
  • Electronic leak detection
  • Mapping of existing buried pipework
  • Dye leak detection 
  • Camera surveys of pipe work
  • Use of helium gas to pinpoint pipe leaks. 
  • Use of listening equipment to pinpoint pipe leaks 
  • Use of diving equipment to test submerged fittings and carry out leak testing

We will provide a full detailed report of all testing undertaken and a report of recommendations and required works.